Five Ways Logo Mats Can Help Your Business

Logo mats may benefit your business in the following ways:

Visitors to your site should be greeted with a well-presented front-of-house, which should include a professional-looking entry mat emblazoned with your brand before reaching the reception desk or speaking with any employees. A strategically positioned, high-quality, branded mat may help your business in several ways, including the following:

First Thoughts

The first thing guests and clients notice when they enter your business is your entry mat. Having a trendy, clean, and professional mat communicates to customers that your business is equally trendy, clean, and professional, which helps to put them at ease.

A custom-made logo mat will be more eye-catching and welcoming than a plain mat, aiding in the customer’s first impression. Because super Berber logo mats¬†are frequently made to order, you may select the precise size that will look fantastic in your foyer, enhancing the professional appearance.

Brand Stabilization

A customized floor mat may help you unify your brand while also increasing consumer and visitor awareness. Using an outdoor logo imprinted mat in addition to your signage may also help you stand out. Remember that while walking, people often glance at the ground – they might be gazing at your brand.

Floors That Is Both Clean And Dry

A high-quality logo-branded mat should still be able to act as an entry mat, drying/cleaning guests’ shoes as they walk over it. This keeps your floors cleaner and dryer, which improves the environment and first impressions while reducing the possibility of potentially tragic and costly slips and falls.

A good rule of thumb here is to choose a mat that is at least 80cm deep and as wide as your doorway. Most people will be able to take a natural step with each foot on the mat without breaking stride.

Using Your Money Wisely

A professional-grade logo-branded mat will last for many years (typically 5+) even in the most demanding, high-traffic business circumstances. A high-quality, long-lasting mat should include the following features: nitrile rubber backing, a multi-year guarantee, and simple cleaning instructions.

If you’re going to install an entrance mat anyhow (and you should), invest in personalized entry mats to extend your branding to the entranceway.

Off-Site Implementation

Bring your branded mat with you when you go to trade shows, demos, or even in-store promotions to lend a professional touch. Most mat suppliers will also have thinner, less expensive logo mats that are great for this use; they can certainly set your booth or presentation out from the crowd.

You don’t have to stick to only your logo. If you are presenting a new product, honoring a milestone, conducting a special promotion, or just want to highlight a certain function or service that you provide, you may customize your mat to fit the activity.

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